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Tour to Pucusana

On this holiday we head to Peru’s most southern Amazonian state, Madre de Dios, in search of a selection of the country’s special mammals, as well as enjoying some of the extraordinary diversity of other rainforest wildlife in this remote region. We’ll be based at the Amazon Rainforest Conservation Centre (ARCC) which protects 17,000 acres of the pristine rainforest surrounding the wildlife-rich Lake Soledad and offers some of the best wildlife watching in the Amazon Rainforest. Though the mammals here can be elusive, and many are nocturnal, we’ll be hoping to see a good variety of species, as well as birds, reptiles, plants and insects in this remote and spectacular location.

  • Giant River Otter, Black Spider Monkey & White-lipped Peccary
  • Inca Tern, Hoatzin, Sunbittern, Horned Screamer & Amazon Kingfisher
  • 8 species of Neotropical monkey including Red Howler
  • Reptiles include Spectacled Caiman & Side-necked Turtle
  • Capybara & Tayra possible
  • Sir David Attenborough-style vertical journey into the forest canopy
  • Night walk to see or hear Night Monkey, tree frogs, armadillos, & owls
  • Rainforest birds such as antbirds, puffbirds, macaws, tanagers & parrots
  • Led by expert local naturalist guides


Included in tour price, except lunch and evening meals in Lima.


Included in tour price.